About us

About three years ago I (Merel) was playing ‘The Weapon’ of the band ‘Dayshell’. Usually playing the guitar always has a purpose, but this time it was ‘just for fun’. I was just letting it go and bouncing in my room like a crazy person whilst playing the song. Following my intuition I called Joey immediately and said ‘hey man, I was playing this song and IT FELT GREAT, we need to start a new band’. Soon after we met up and started creating new musical ideas. 

Last year we were able to speed things up. We found the sound and built a few songs, but most importantly we found a great Great GREAT vocalist, David. It took some time to find the right person, but we couldn’t be more happy. Everything fell in place and it just made sense.
Except for just being an amazing vocalist, the writing process was so natural. We’ve been pushing songs one by one. I have never experienced this before, but we have a HUGE musical chemistry. Writing songs never felt this easy before. Even though the band is just starting it already feels like we’ve been working together for a lifetime, like we’re family.
To complete the lineup we have awesome bass player Werner Erkelens (Aviatons) and Ferry Duijsens, my favourite Dutch guitar player ever. Ferry and I shared the stage in the band The Gentle Storm in 2015, and we instantly clicked.”

The motive is: we want to create music we like with like minded people. The sound of Dear Mother is somewhere between Modern Metalcore and Alternative. We selected 13 songs for the debut album. We are extremely happy with the tracks and pushed ourselves very hard. After writing the 9th song, we challenged ourselves to write the other songs from a different perspective. This pushed our musical abilities way further.

The album is balanced of heavy, mellow and minimalistic songs. All songs are inspired by the events that happened either to the individual band members or their close ones and some songs elaborate on the current social situations. Vocals will be mainly focussed on clean and distortion singing, but songs will also feature screams.

To push the album further we decided to collaborate with a producer. We found the Australian Jimmy Alexander known for his work with ‘Awaken I Am’ and ‘Slaves.’ “Seriously, songs are KILLER so far, I haven’t been this excited by a project in a long time!”.

We couldn’t be happier with the music we wrote, and we just can’t wait to share it with you. WE ARE SO EXCITED!